Alexander Trocchi

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Alexander Trocchi was born in Glasgow in 1925. He attended Glasgow University, and served in the navy during the Second World War. Trocchi moved to Paris, where he edited the literary journal Merlin and wrote novels that fell into the ‘Beat Movement’ category as well as pornographic books published by Olympia Press. He also became addicted to heroin. After Paris he spent time in Taos NM and New York City. Trocchi was involved in the 60s counter-culture, participating in the Situationist International and conceiving his own Sigma project. He eventually settled in London where he sold second-hand books. Trocchi died in 1984. He is remembered as a controversial figure, perhaps best known for his reissued novels such as Young Adam, Cain’s Book and Thongs.

Andrew Murray Scott has written a biography, Alexander Trocchi: The Making of a Monster and edited Invisible Insurrection of a Million Minds: A Trocchi Reader.

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