Catherine Hume

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Catherine Hume was born in Norton-on-Tees in 1980, and moved to Blackpool in 1984. She is the author of one work of fiction, Coming Back to Life. While at school, she worked at open-air markets, danced, acted, painted and played tenor trombone in a brass band. During her time at university, in Stoke-on-Trent, she worked in hotels, fast food joints and then with disadvantaged people. She has since lived and worked in Scotland and North-east England.

Catherine Hume’s background as a social carer permeates all her work, whether she is writing a novel, a short play, a solo performance piece or a collaboration on a film.

Learning languages – the latest being Mandarin Chinese – is a necessary work-related evil, and an evil that Catherine regularly unleashes onto the world, especially as her favourite hobbies are travel and meeting all sorts of people, from archbishops to anarchists.

Catherine’s ambitions include more travel, and the wistful dream of one day having afternoon tea with Michael Stipe.

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