The Dry

March 28, 2018 at 3:58 pm Leave a comment

by Catherine Hume

Wow! This is a stunning debut novel! I’ve not read anything as good as this for quite a while. Not only is Jane Harper‘s The Dry – a modern take on a whodunnit – a fast-paced and gripping read, but it is also so well written.

Aaron Falk had been away from Kiewarra – a small, struggling town in Australia’s outback – for twenty years since a tragedy in his teens. He now returns – a police officer specialising in fraud – and the family who raised him ask him to investigate a new tragedy. Falk’s childhood friend has murdered his wife and eldest child before turning the gun on himself: what at first seems like a terrible homicide/suicide in a town pushed to the edge by drought and poverty … Falk must ask – is everyone what they seem to be?

In the background, there is the death of Falk’s girlfriend twenty years ago, which is still raw in the minds of Kiewarra’s inhabitants. They still blame Falk for it.

Jane Harper is a UK journalist who lived in Australia before returning to the UK to write this novel. Harper’s next novel, Force Of Nature, is currently Number 2 in The Times’ paperback fiction list. My advice is go out and get that novel, after reading The Dry, of course!

Catherine Hume


Author: Jane Harper

Publisher: Little Brown

Entry filed under: Reviews.

Jane Harper

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