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Bhowani Junction

Review by Andrew Murray Scott

Highly successful on publication in 1954 when events of a decade earlier in India were still fresh in the mind of John Masters, its author, and the public at large, Bhowani Junction is set at the time of Indian independence and therefore has superficial similarities to the slightly better known work of Paul Scott. But while the Raj Quartet has been popularised by a successful TV series, Masters’ work has rather receded from familiarity like the film made of this novel starring Stewart Granger and Ava Gardner.

The novel has three main protagonists and is a more focussed and narrower study of the personal and social problems of three of the main social groupings in India just before Partition, particularly of the Anglo-Indians, or ‘half-castes’. While in Scott’s work this grouping was rarely glimpsed or alluded to only in minor characters, in Bhowani Junction, two of the three main protagonists are Anglo-Indians, and the third is the British officer, Colonel Rodney Savage, effective though rather brusque. By far the largest part of the narrative is given by the first person narration of Patrick Taylor, an anglophile ‘Anglo-Indian’ Railway official, and Victoria Jones, a beautiful Anglo-Indian WAC(I).


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