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Tales from Two Pockets

Review by Andrew Murray Scott

This collection of 48 mystery stories by one of the greatest Czech authors, Karel Čapek, who died in 1938, is actually the first English edition of the work and is available from US publisher Catbird Press via online book stores.

Čapek gave the world the word ‘robot’ and was a playwright, novelist and journalist, whose plays were successfully performed on Broadway, some written in collaboration with his brother, Josef Čapek.

Influenced by reading classic detective fiction (and a visit to 22b Baker Street in 1924), he set about creating a new canon of mystery fiction in colloquial Czech (more…)

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Karel Čapek

Karel Čapek was born in 1890 in Bohemia, at that time part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Having studied philosophy, Čapek became a journalist and also worked as a theatre stage manager. His journalism argued for an intelligent approach to life, one that would be rational and open-minded. He is best remembered for his plays, notably The Insect Play and R.U.R. (the initials stand for ‘Rossum’s Universal Robots’). He also wrote fiction, such as the short story collection Tales from Two Pockets. Having long battled against spinal disease, Čapek died in Prague in 1938, after Czechoslovakia’s freedom had been signed away by Britain and France. His artist brother Josef, with whom he had collaborated on various literary projects, was to die in a German concentration camp in 1945.

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