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John Masters

John Masters was born in Calcutta in 1914 and was educated at Wellington and Sandhurst. He returned to India in 1934 as an army officer. During the Second World War he served in the Middle East and Burma. After the war he was a staff officer in GHQ India in Delhi, and then served as an instructor at the British Army Staff College in Camberley. After this he left the army and moved to the United States, where he became a successful writer. He lived in New Mexico, where he died in 1983.

His many novels include Nightrunners of Bengal (1951), The Deceivers (1952), The Lotus and the Wind (1953), Bhowani Junction (1954), Coromandel! (1955), Bugles and a Tiger (1956), Far, Far the Mountain Peak (1957), To the Coral Strand (1962) and The Ravi Lancers (1972).

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