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Poems – Tim Steer

Review by Brian Murray

Wilson of Garson, Manson of Quoys, Seatter of Sandside, Skinner of Gorn, Lyon of Clett, Towers of Fillets, The Mowats of Ramray and Western Horn…

That litany of names and holdings was compiled from order-books and labels, on articles for customers on Graemsay, when a youthful ‘bike and barrow boy’, son of the proprietor, Cecil Steer, speculated about the inhabitants of that island, seemingly remote from Stromness’ North End.

It was a summer holiday on Graemsay that gave form and identity to the farms, and put a face on owners whose names had been so resonant in Tim Steer’s mind for a considerable time. Forty-odd years on, the people who made him welcome are paid tribute to in a book, by the lad who worked hard for his Saturday ten bob. (more…)

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