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At The Loch of the Green Corrie

Review by Andrew Murray Scott

This non-fiction title by Andrew Greig combines an homage to the poetry of Norman MacCaig with a fly-fishing expedition to the hill lochs of Assynt.

The book could be neatly summed up in the words of one of Greig’s companions on the fishing trip: ‘Fishing for MacCaig? Wouldn’t have missed it for the world.’ For not only does the book relate the author’s friendship with the Scots makar, thereby ‘fishing’ for an understanding of his lasting value as a poet, the writing of the book and the fishing trip were literally undertaken after a request from the poet to fish on his behalf as he, just months before his death, was no longer able to do so. The feisty brown trout in a remote and relatively undistinguished Assynt loch therefore becomes a sacred quest for Andrew Greig and his companions Andy and Peter Dorward on a par with the seeking of the mythical salmon of experience in Neil Gunn’s Highland River. (more…)

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